About Us

Maximus Jewels was established in April 2015 by owner Amelia Ball, with the vision of providing fashionable Accessories to Women all across the globe ,you can be one of our Loyal Jewels by visiting in store or online via www.maximusjewels.com  Maximus of Maximus Jewels was taken from the owner’s son name which means “The Great”. 

Amelia’s inspiration comes from her Big City background. Growing up in Philadelphia, Pa, she was surrounded by urban fashion, intricate building architectures, Art. Amelia used those measures to love, wear, and sell standout fashion clothing and accessories in her 18+ years in retail. 

Fashion is Life and Amelia’s lifestyle! When it comes to fashion, it’s not about the label or the price tag but Expressing yourself and the Feeling of Looking Great!

Maximus Jewels stays committed to providing quality accessories to MAXIMIZE YOUR LOOK !!